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WiseRap, born Paul Rafis—and a Soul 1st.

Raised in North West London Kilburn, the Town of Camden, and is well known in NW London areas.

WiseRap has built up a staggering 26 original Albums to date, along with several mixtapes under his old alias 'TheMeatman',' Vulks' & his latest much more widely known 'WiseRap'.

Establishing himself as an artist in the Music industry by creating and promoting his unrivalled style of ''Concsious'' Hip Hop since 1994,WiseRap has been building up his professional repertoire as a Respectable Musical Artist since 14 yrs young and fondly recalls memories of close family giving him Tupac tapes,Foxy Brown and Biggie his Hip Hop career did not begin until after a successful career  on the underground Hip Hop scene,and a regular playlist and sets on many pirate stations,but it was Hip Hop that made WiseRap graft for hours paying for studios and merch himself and surviving,not many know the struggles better than WiseRap,and certainly not many would remain Kind, forgiving and honorable while delivering some of the worlds most powerful lyrics straight from the mind and soul of the man himself WiseRap.........


WiseRap encourages real fans and Hip Hop heads to seek out his impressive back catalogue of Music and Videos,for the progressional message and Hopes people will take inspiration and know that His 'WiseRaps' lyrical genius comes from a Godly mind,never straying from what the core values are of 'WiseRap' and the Brand,despite industry pressure to sway off his fundamental and pioneering belifes that Words effect water....in laymans terms >Music is powerful and most definatly is responsible in effecting society, behavoir and reality of whats acceptable for future generations to send out into the world.,but so cleverly laced from the realest mind always deliverd with a higher Bar set and a new view angle in which to comprehend the depth while still maintaining simplicity for those who skim the surface.

WiseRap is like no other Artist!






WiseRap has an extensive and impressive back catalogue with collaborations with former AfterMath Artist 'Bishop Lamont',no less than 4 collabs with West Coasts 'Big Prodeje'of the South central Cartel,former Motown Artist 'Journalist' from Philly,as well as turning down a record deal with 'Jay Z'in 2012 to maintain a purer message within the HipHop culture movement,aswell as Temple of Hip Hop 'KRS-ONE'in 2011. asking Wiserap to join tohh with 100 deciples to tour the world, wise politly declined also legend pioneer 'CHUCK D' claims hes played WiseRaps Music many times on his underground RapStation Radio Show in USA. WiseRap has met with 'M.O.P' & 'ONYX'in 2013 & 2014 becoming a bridge for UK Hip Hop to the States. In 2013 The Goat 'LL Cool J'supported WiseRap on his social media platforms & most notably WiseRap is only Artist to have official Collaborations with 'TASF' The Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation & The Notorious B.I.G group'Junior M.A.F.I.A' recently in 2018 Wiserap did an official Tribute in 'Biggie Smalls' Honour. WiseRap was also contacted from Jersey USA,to be on an official collab with 'Lakim Shabazz' of Flava unit who Eminem famously said he is a product of Lakim on his song 'Rap God'. WiseRap collabed with Queens NY Legend 'Mikey D' who was LL Cool J's MC partner in the 80's & helped give Cool J the 'LL' for his name.



Recent most notable Albums:


2017 M.U.M (Manipulation under Machines) Feat:- many great producers & MC's.


2019 MIA AMORE due for release may 29th 2019


2018 December MIA Amore was first released as an EP & one of the most streamed tracks -'Making of a Legend'was first played on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire as a world premier exclusive with DJ Edward Adoo (Huffington Post) & one week later was chosen as Record of the week on BBC Radio Three Counties,Sparking a new era of conscious message Music in Hip Hop. MIA Amore the full Album will be released late MAY 29th 2019 and is highly anticipated as one of Hip Hop most classic UK Albums from the undergrounds most prestigous and respected MC's